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Mixture and verification process
We are organized for managing the production of “treatment” face-body-hair cosmetics for Your account. Particularly, we produce creams, fluid emulsions, masks, colds, lotions, produced for bath, shampoo, produced solariums of protection, suntan lotions alone and without sun. Our procedure foresees the observation of protocols of quality according to the good practices of production (GMP): selection and control of suppliers, verification and control of the raw material in relationship to the specific applications, and them use according to the formality “FiFo” (First in First out), observation of the procedures of workmanship validate.
We effect Testses of verification before the unload of the prepared by the mixture machines guaranteeing the conformity of the bulk to the specifications of the product. We use there of qualified external laboratories for the microbiologies evaluations on the ended product. We are equipped with mixture machines that allows us to realize Your products according to the indications in the desired quantities.

The organization of the productive process and the various steps of qualitative verification and advancement are our guarantee of quality and punctuality.

Evit Group